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Organic Gardens and Orchard

A new orchard has been planted at Green Cottages, which will be ready to harvest in 2010. These are the varieties we have sourced, each has a special history attached to it.

Bardsey Apple

~ The variety is said to date back 1,000 years and has been dubbed the "rarest apple in the world". These saplings have been nurtured from a single mother tree, grown in isolation in monastery grounds on Bardsey island off the North Wales coast


Diamond Apple

~ When an American ship called the Diamond crashed onto the rocks off North Wales on January 2 1825, red apples were among the cargo washed ashore. Local legend has it that seeds from the apples were planted and the trees nurtured to feed local communities.

Cox Cymraeg

~ In a garden at Goetra Bach near Felinheli Anne Jones had a justifiably famous apple tree. She called it the Cox Cymraeg. In the 1940s the house was flattened, and all but one daughter tree survived nearby. It is from this tree that others have been grown.

Anglesea Pigs Snout

~ First recorded in the 1600s. A large green cooking apple, long grown on Anglesey. It is named because of its unique shape.

Aber Damson

~ A single tree grew at the college farm site on the Menai Straits at Abergwyngregyn near Llanfairfechan, its trunk split open from a lightening strike. It is perhaps over two hundred years old, On top of the old trunk grew a small younger section which became the source of new stock.

Snowdon Queen Pear

~ In 1984 three very old diminutive pear trees were found growing on the side of Snowdon above Llanberis. Most other pears coming from France, Southern England or the Continent, do poorly in Wales, but this remarkable pear produces excellent fruit, both at sea level and at 600 feet and is well suited to the Welsh climate.